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Decoding Your Data for Strategic Energy Decision Making


What I Do

For energy companies

  • Are you swimming in excess data? 

  • Do you need to find actionable use cases to make your data profitable? 

  • Do you need to understand your customers better? 

  • I specialize in smart meter data analytics and electricity use profiles.

For energy entrepreneurs

  • Do you need to find a profitable AND sustainable business model in energy? 

  • Trouble making sense out of how to use a layered business model in a complex ecosystem? 

  • Do you need help to understand what you can and can't do in the current regulation?

For citizens

I created an app,, to empower citizens to gain control over their energy use at home. I'm available for talks and community meeting in English, French, and Dutch.

Hello, I’m Ariana!

Here to help you make sense of your electricity use

I'm here to help you make sense of electricity production and consumption data. I create tools to help you make decisions regarding your energy needs. If we all get more involved in our energy consumption decisions we can make better use of renewable energy when it is available. I offer tailor made consulting services for energy businesses, energy entrepreneurs, energy communities, and citizens.

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 Over 10 years experience in the Energy Sector:

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